Wood Keys by Etsy Shop Mama Made Them

My 8-month-old with wooden keys by Mama Made Them.

When my first child was a baby, I used to sometimes give him my car keys to play with while buckling him in the car seat. But one day after buckling him in, I walked over to my car door and just before opening it heard the familiar "beep" of the car alarm. I had accidentally left the car keys in the hands of my baby and my baby had locked me out of the car. Before total panic could set it, my baby pushed another button and unlocked the doors. Needless to say, after that experience, I never again let him play with my car keys.

Even if you are no where near your car, you should avoid letting small children play with your keys because household keys often contain lead and little kids love to put keys in their mouths.

But recently I was thinking about how my current baby is always trying to grab my keys out of my hand. And why not? Keys are fun. That's why there are about 100 varieties of plastic toy keys for sale. I once owned a set of colorful #5 plastic toy keys, but I have long since purged all plastic infant toys from my house. And so I thought, I should get her some wood keys.

Where does one find wooden toy keys? Etsy of course. Mama Made Them makes a lovely set of five wooden keys. They are completely unfinished and different colors because different types of wood were used. They make the most lovely sound when they clink together.

The baby likes to bite on them.


My two older kids love to take them and use them for pretend play. My 5-year-old even told me he was thinking of using his birthday money to buy his own set.

My 5yo starting his car (made of pillows) with a wooden key.

I like the chunky ones too.

I'm thinking about buying some sets of keys in bulk so I can negotiate a discount and save on shipping -- and then giving them to everyone I know that has a baby. What a classy gift. I've already gotten a couple of comments on my wooden keys from moms.

They made my list of top 10 natural teethers.

As usual, my biggest issue with Etsy is that I want to buy everything I see. And that's not very eco-friendly, is it? But I'll admit I have my eye on Mama Made Them's storytelling sets and peg people vehicles for future gifts for my kiddos. I find it's good to have something awesome in mind when the grandparents come asking.

Mama Made Them is currently hosting a giveaway on her own blog. Click over for your chance to win something from her incredible Etsy store.

Disclosure: I received one set of wood keys from MamaMade free in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I love reading your posts about green baby gear. I am nowhere near having a baby, but it is very interesting to think and learn about! Your blog is a great resource, and I hope to put your knowledge to use through giving better baby gifts, and for my own baby one day!

    1. Thank you! These would make such a wonderful gift.


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