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Cloth Diaper Tutorial - The EASIEST Way to Use a Prefold

My friend Nisha asked me how I use prefolds.  So here you go:

1.  Lay out your prefold cloth diaper flat.  Pictured above is an unbleached regular size prefold, which works well from a few months old until potty training.  Also pictured, the inside of my Thirsties cover, which is what I'm going to put the prefold into.  This is a medium-sized Thirsties that I had converted from velcro to snaps by Convert My Diapers (more on that in another post).  In addition to switching the velcro enclosure to a snap enclosure, she also added snaps on the front so that I could adjust the size.  Thirsties now makes a cover like this themselves -- take a look.

2.  Fold up one third the wrong wayNotice that the prefold naturally has thirds (with the thickest part being in the middle).  Most people fold their prefolds along the natural folds, but then it is longer and you have to tuck up part of it, and I don't like doing that (see links at the end if you want to see how that's done).

3.  Now fold the other third.  Wasn't that easy?

4.  Lay inside your cover.  I love the Thirsties because it has that little lip on the front, so it kind of holds the prefold in place.

5.  Lay your child on top, and do up the enclosure.  Beautiful and simple.  Simply beautiful.  This is what the finished product looks like on my one-year-old. 

After washing my diapers, I usually fold all my prefolds in thirds and put them in a drawer.  Then when it's time to change a diaper, I just pull out one of the prefolds already folded into thirds, lay it in the cover, and snap up the diaper.  And I'm done!  I can do that as quickly as I can change a disposable.

There are lots of other ways to use prefolds:
  • Newspaper fold (folding in thirds the right way, with or without pins/ Snappi)  
  • Jellyroll -- good for containing poop, so they say
  • Stuffed inside a pocket diaper
  • Done up with a Snappi without a waterproof cover (good for airing out a bottom with a diaper rash)

Why are prefolds wonderful?
  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • Versatile -- use one size from baby to potty training
  • Easy to wash
  • Dry quickly
  • Don't hold smell as much as synthetic (pocket diapers)
  • Can be used for 100 other things when you are done diapering, because it's just a thick rag!

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