Non-toxic Antibacterial Soap

We have a stomach bug going around at my house.  What do stomach bugs make you want to do?  Disinfect every surface, product and person in your house, right?

Well, years and years ago, before I was married or had children, a smart conscientious friend of mine (who read Scientific American magazine on a regular basis) told me about the evils of antibacterial soap.  She told me that antibacterial soaps:
  • Aren't necessary for regular folks
  • Aren't more effective than regular soap
  • Probably help create drug-resistant super bugs
  • Contain toxic chemicals

So I stopped using antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers a long time ago.  I didn't even use them when when I was an elementary school teacher watching my students put their pencils in their mouth and fingers in their noses and then hand me their papers.  I just washed my hands very thoroughly and often.  So what do I do now when there is a stomach bug going around my house and I really, really, really don't want the baby to get it?

We bust out the CleanWell.  CleanWell is a line of products that is all natural and antibacterial!  No Triclosan or alcohol!  CleanWell products use a patented blend of essential oils to kill 99.99% of bacteria.  I discovered CleanWell during the swine flu, when my illness paranoia reached new heights, and I wanted to find a natural-ish hand sanitizer.

I have used CleanWell hand sprays (they sell large and mini purse-size ones), hand wipes, and foam soaps.  After a trip to the park or church, I use the hand spray for my hands and the hand wipes on my kids' hands.  The wipes aren't the cheapest, so we use them judiciously.  I use the foam soap at home.  The foaming soap tends to dry my hands out, so I use it only after handling raw meat and eggs in the kitchen or when there is a nasty stomach bug going around at my house. 

Now you can also find CleanWell technology in Seventh Generation products as well.  I use their disinfecting cleaner in the bathroom when a stomach bug is going around or when an unfortunate potty incident occurs.  You can buy CleanWell products in Whole Foods, Target (the Seventh Generation cleaners), and online at Amazon.  One thing you should know -- CleanWell products have a strong thyme smell.  The smell doesn't bother me, my husband, or my kids.  But you'll want to smell the scent before you buy a whole bunch.


  1. I love these hand wipes...I keep them in my purse and my car!

    And I agree that they have a strong smell. However, I do have an ultra sensitive nose!

  2. Stomach bugs make me want to curl up in my bed and cry. I hope you are all feeling better!

  3. Hi Betsy! I've been thinking about you! How are things going? Do you guys like living in San Jose? We miss you up here!!!

  4. Only all natural bar soaps in my home. I do carry Clean Well wipes in my vehicle and in my purse though. We have yet to use them but you just never know! What gets me is my daughters school wants us to buy antibacterial stuff and bring in on the first day of school. Trying to teach my kids to use bars of soap instead. Just a bunch of useless stuff in crappy plastic. Like we need more plastic in this world.

  5. I didn't knew that anti bacterial soaps are not necessary for regular folks, aren't more effective than regular soap, probably help create drug-resistant super bugs,contain toxic chemicals. Thanks for telling...
    I will keep this in mind and will definitely try avoid as much as possible....


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